Discovered Little Spots

We do our best to explore new places every weekend, that was part of why I quit my retail job so I'd have time to actually live in the city rather than just commute through it once and while. I thought it might be neat to share some of the interesting places we've stumbled across since we moved here.

Last night we tried The Clubhouse Sandwich Shop on Spadina. Recommended by a family member who goes to University of Toronto we thought it sounded worth a trip for dinner. It's a cute and bright spot with several different kinds of sandwiches. I tried the fish sandwich and Peter had the marinated grilled pork chop. Both were enormous on big fresh fluffy buns and were extremely delicious. We got the fries which were huge as well with great flavour and a nice balance of crunchy outsides and soft on the inside. 

We tried the fancy sodas they had in the cooler by Dry Soda Co. in Rhubarb and Vanilla Bean. Also awesome, definitely need some of this in my fridge I can see it making amazing cocktails. All across a great meal, definitely hoping we go back soon the turkey sandwich was my second choice and if it's anything like yesterday's meal my mouth is watering already. 

Also can I just note for a moment thanks for 4 packets of ketchup guys! Don't you hate it when people give you two for a massive amount of fries? The worst. 

Blurry but glowing. Love it when the CN tower has blue lights. I've never been up there but it's definitely on the list.  


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