Our kinda frugal Valentines

I have always loved Valentines day. My mum and I would bake cupcakes and treats every year to bring to my class and decorate them with pretty pink frosting. I'd get to pick out my cards to give out to the class sometimes Strawberry Shortcake, then Disney princesses, Muppets, then Harry Potter the next 6 years. 

I've always gone a little overboard since I started dating Peter. My love of romantic gifts, shopping and working in a lingerie store were a match made in sparkly, chocolate coated, rose petal strewn heaven. Last year we celebrated in Cuba so that's kind of hard to top.

After some thought we decided we were going to not exchange gifts this year. Instead we created our little love notes. We started on the February 1st, the rule is you have to put at least one note in a day leading up to Valentines. Our notes can be silly, romantic or thankful, we just have to write something we love about each other. 

We're going back to North Bay for Valentines where we'll have dinner at our favourite pizza place and split a Greek Salad and Pesto pizza. Then we'll come home and dump out the vase and read our notes. I've put in two today already. Peter thinks we might run out of paper. What are your plans for Valentines?

Only made from things I found around the house...I used Crayola scented markers for the hearts so there's a little bit of public school nostalgia. 


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