What a week!

Oh geez, this weekend was needed, and thank goodness for reading week! Lots of nights up doing coursework past 3 AM, pacing and thinking up taglines, designing Facebook pages. However in the program I'm in it would be insane to try and go away on reading week like normal students. There is just so much work to do to try and get our portfolios up to a standard where they're worth showing off. But because I'm a rebel like that we came back to North Bay for a bit before I visit my parents. Then I will go back to the city, plop myself at my desk and write for 4 straight days. Kinda. While this week was insanely stressful there were some upsides.

My books came in! A cute little agenda to help me stay organized, some copywriter essential reads and Kate Spade, just because. 

I found some great inspiration for this on Pinterest. Making a daily checklist that suits your life.
Mine includes what to read, to blog, to cook, clean, and check online. I'm going to print 40 or so at Staples and see if they work for me.
We picked up this little humidifier from the Umbra store last weekend. It's hard to see but water vapour puffs out the chimney. We didn't have a water bottle handy so we just used a ginger ale bottle but it still puffs away. We've named it lil' putt-putt. 

I'm trying to learn how to play Magic cards. I can't wrap my head around all the rules. And I get distracted by the illustrations. Does anyone have any tips for how to make learning easier?

Hope you all had a lovely Valentines! I'll post about our little love notes tomorrow. 


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