Hurray it's Thursday

I know most people can't wait for Fridays but I really love Thursdays. Well Thursday morning's I have 8 AM class so not that part but the evening part is lovely. I find living in a cramped space with your significant other can be romantic, enlightening and entertaining but you can also feel like you lose your own space sometimes.
Thursday nights Peter has a game night with some old friends so Thursday nights provide a much needed homework break and my recipe for relaxation.
Thursday Night Me Time
1. Awesome book. Currently reading A Dance with Dragons the 5th of George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones series.
2. Bath and Body works candle. Currently burning Red Velvet.
3. Bubble Bath. Featuring The Body Shop's Raspberry Shower Gel as bubble bath and Bath and Body Works True Blue Refreshing Citrus Body Scrub.
4. Cocktail (optional)-Long Island Ice Tea has been my go-to lately. (Yep in a Game of Thrones glass because that's how I roll)

So here's to me time, and you time. Cheers!


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