Mid-day Sleepover

How awesome were sleepovers when you were a kid? I remember how excited you'd be all week about the thought of hanging out with your friends outside of school, watching movies, playing games and eating junk.

Now that we're done classes a few of my friends and I are trying to put in the effort to stay close. While we all had engagements to keep in the evening I thought it'd be fun to have a "sleepover" in the afternoon. I filled up the air mattress and threw it in front of the tv and got some goodies.

Lost of childhood snacks. Dunkaroos and pop tarts.

Ashley brought these lovely ombre gum ball cupcakes
Lots of girly movies.

Even though as we get older we may not have time for full-on sleepovers it doesn't mean you can keep the fun, besides who slept at those things anyway? 


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