Macaron Mondays

Okay I'll be honest this blog should be called Macaron Saturdays but I really like alliteration. One of the best upsides of moving to the city is all the cool places I can explore on the rare occasions I have some free time (post-grad problems anyone?).
Saturday Peter and I went exploring around Kensington market and found all kinds of goodies.

First we went to Blue Banana which is the coolest place to get ideas for gifts and our apartment. I found my macaron apron I've been wanting for ages and it found its way into my basket.
It's made by Paper Source and it flares out like a cute 50's style dress and has nice deep pockets. Tempted?

Peter then commented that now that we live in Toronto we could just go and buy some macarons. Up North there wasn't anywhere to find them except when his mom kindly brought us some back from Paris after her trip. 
Google best macaroons in Toronto: Nadege. 
Beautiful store, friendly staff and little colourful clouds of heaven. I was going to try and make them last until Tuesday when my mum comes to visit, we failed. Worth it. 


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