Twinkle Lights Trauma

I love Pinterest but it tends to make some projects look a lot easier then they are. We've been working on small projects around our apartment to try and make the place look cozier since we won't be painting. We got this nice canopy at Bed Bath and Beyond for our room.

We wanted to make the room a bit more romantic and I found lots of Pinterest inspiration.
After taking advantage of the after Christmas light sales after Boxing Day we gathered supplies to try.

It turned out really cute, for a while.
 Then they looked like this.

Just a heads up for anyone wanting to try this, read the instructions on the hooks and don't put weight on them right away. I found no matter what I've tried the cord hooks aren't strong enough. We've had to use the medium weight 3M hooks. Also lights are picky and get tangled in the netting if they even touch a little, so be patient with snags. We've woken up two nights in a row from the sound of lights scratching down the wall around 4 AM. We'll see if I can figure this out. 


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