Big Closet, Tiny Apartment

One of the joys that came with post-grad was moving into an apartment in the city. The one we found has a lot of character but with our budget not a huge amount of a space. Since August I've been working on ways to make the most of our little spaces thanks to a lot of Pinterest inspiration.

This is my small workspace, very bland not very functional. I use a lot of art supplies and do a lot of linears. Mostly I just make a huge mess.

This is my space tweaked a bit so far twinkle lights make everything better. I'm looking for a small bulletin board to fit inside the lights now to pin up inspiration. I'm using a little mirrored box Peter got me to hide my random clutter, a tea light holder for my pens and some cheap ikea frames.

We'll see if I can make the next great VW ad from here. 


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