End of Summer Project

It seems inappropriate that I'm writing this post when classes are about to start but I can't say I really saw much of summer. I spent the past few months working 2 jobs saving for grad school and on my rare days off I was usually applying for scholarships or going home to spend a few hours with family.
But this fall came with the biggest move I've done yet, my first move was only an hour away from home for my undergraduate degree from a little town to a small city in Northern Ontario. This year I'm moved from lakeside Northern Ontario to lakeside Toronto. I booked a few days off before transferring jobs to go home to Huntsville and relax and on my to do list was tackle my antique steamer trunk.

I found this piece almost 5 years ago at an antique shop at home that no longer is in business and instantly fell in love. It reminded me of Harry Potter and The Secret Garden and was in relatively good shape. My dad got it for me as a going away present for school and my first attempt to fix up the inside with contact paper was a huge fail. So after doing some research I decided I was finally going to tackle it the right way.
The interior was filled with an old wallpaper that had an awful musty smell and was peeled off already in a few spots.
Step 1) Wet down interior with mix of warm water, vinegar and a drop of dish soap
Step 2) Grab a paint scraper and get to work!
after a few hours the paper came off with time and some elbow grease

All my lovely paper scraps
Step 3) Use Dad's shop vac to get rid of all the small pieces 
Step 4) Let dry in sun 

Next time I'm home I'll tackle treating the inside with Murphy's oil and replacing the handles. 
Great sources I used for my info:


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