We've got us some Toronto Comicon first-timers over here!

I'm not going to pretend that we had planned to go to Comicon at all. Mostly because we didn't know it was even happening until Saturday morning. While debating about how to spend our day Peter went online and ordered me to get ready fast. While we had an amazing time considering how last minute our day was I learned a few things I though fellow first-timers may find useful.

Billy Boyd way back there

1. Plan what you want to see.
I missed a few things I would have liked to do just from us not planning ahead. I didn't know the celebrity meeting dynamic and when I realized what I wanted it was too late (signed head shots for most guests were $45, but you can get a photo with the celebs themselves at specific times and go back and get them signed for a bit extra). Figure out what scheduled events you want to do ahead of time, don't just wing it or you'll miss out.

2. Advanced Tickets are your friend.
We got in line just after noon and were told that the event was at capacity and no more tickets would be sold for at least another hour. Luckily the wait only took about 35 minutes but there were some people who didn't stick around. The lines were quite long but advanced ticket holders got to breeze through quickly.

3. Hit the ATM before you get there.
Line-ups for the ATM we're almost as long as the line to get in. Most vendors and autographs only take cash (some did take debit and credit but not a lot that we saw).

4. Wait in-line early.
We asked a few volunteers about this and they weren't very informative unfortunately, very nice people though. We lined up for the Q&A with Sean Astin and Billy Boyd about 15 minutes early and they were at capacity right we got to the front  of the line. We missed the photo-op with Eliza Dushku because we were in line and we missed the Q&A because we were too far back. Lesson learned.

5. Pack a great lunch.
The food was really disappointing. Small portions for big prices. We got two fish tacos the size of coasters for over $10 bucks. Splitting a whole pizza seemed to the the most common order but I saw lots of people who had packed great lunches. Smart cookies.

One thing I noticed from my background in undergarment sales was how many women were wearing the wrong panties and bras with their amazing costumes (and holy what an amount of work they must have put into those!!! stellar) . LADIES-NUDE PANTIES UNDER WHITE JUMPSUITS....there's something I never thought I'd say. Garment tape is your friend.
I think next year I might make up a bra fitting superhero and walk around giving out pamphlets. The Boobinator? The double-boob defender? Name still pending.


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