5 Lessons From an Intern

What a summer. To all of you who intern/blog/manage a portfolio/do laundry/be a regular human being all at the same time, I don't know how you manage it. I just finished two months at my internship and my contract has been extended until the end of October. Here's what I've learned so far:

1. Keep Going

Some people are going to get internships immediately. They might have better connections, someone from an agency (or anywhere) might have liked their shoes and gave out their card. Someone will have a better portfolio than you. Accept it. Keep writing. Keep applying. My routine (while not glamorous) was getting up at 6 AM when Peter would get up, sitting on my couch without pants and sending out dozens of resumes. Then go write some more.

At the most give yourself a day to feel like shit. I ate a box of Oreos and watched a whole lot of Gilmore Girls. Next day: no pants, 6 AM, more emails. Just keep going. 

2. Say Yes! 

This is something Tina Fey praises. She's a genius, always listen to Tina Fey.  "Can you be here for an interview in an hour" Even if you live two hours away, say yes, make it work. Take an interview for a travel company when you have 0 background in the industry? Say yes (but do some research). 

Want to work on the patio? Yes. 

 Say yes when anyone asks you to help with a project. Say yes to staying late, to after-work drinks, to a free-hair cut at the office (well that one's easy), to learn about what other departments do. It shows that you're eager and not afraid of hard work or making connections. 

3.  Don't Fake It. 

I will never be a trendy urbanite or a mommy blogger. I won't wander the city trying to find the best hyper-vegan quinoa salad. I am not a gym person. I like books. I love to bake things with butter and lots of sugar. On a bad day all I want is a kitten. Some people will hate you right off the bat and not hire you because of it. Some people will love you (especially when you bring in homemade brownies) and hire you because of it.

Smore's Cookies for a co-workers last day

 In a group interview of 12 candidates from the travel industry and myself, I wound up getting the job. Tina Fey says to hire people you wouldn't mind being stuck in a room with at 3 AM and I think that's what happened with me. 

4.  Get a Big Ol' Bag. 

As an intern, you need to pack a lunch unless they're paying you a ton of money. You need an agenda, headphones, a phone charger, a travel mug, your regular purse contents and probably layers for the office. Go for a backpack if you wish. As a constant skirt wearer this isn't practical for me, so a big tote works better. 

5. Don't Expect the World Handed to You. 

I've noticed a lot of my peers got internships and expected a job immediately. For some this was true, for most...not so much. Be grateful for the opportunity and the chance to learn, all-in-all an internship will never hurt your career. If I don't get a full-time contract from my internship that's okay, I'm grateful for my experience and made a wonderful friend. Plus I got a free hair cut, how can you complain about that? 


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