To and fro, stop and go.

I know I mentioned commuting in my last post, but I thought I would bring up how I survive my hour or more trip to and from work. (Props to anyone who recognizes where this blog title is from). I'm starting to get the hang of all the different ways I can get home be it bus/subway/streetcar combo or streetcar/walking or streetcar/Go train/streetcar. Either route I take, it's far.

A Big Ol' Bag as I call it is a must, I find most purse-totes aren't big enough for me. I can't fit a sweater and my lunch-kit in those so no matter how pretty they are, I can't make them work. Lo and Son's OG bag is my dream commuting bag, but it doesn't fit my intern budget.  So while my bag isn't the same my essentials still are.

Listen: iPod so I don't fill up my iPhone with too much clutter or drain my battery.
Jot: Agenda and notebook, to know what day it is and keep track of my thoughts.
Clean: Bath and Bodywork's yummy smelling hand sanitizers.
Rain: A collapsable umbrella and I've been lusting over this cute poncho from ASOS.
Charge: A portable battery charger
Munch: I love Luna bars. Great flavours and yummy ingredients.
Sip: Vapur water bottles are my favourite, I've misplaced mine in the move and keep forgetting to grab a new one. They're easy to clean and can roll up so they can fit in any tiny space in your bag.
Step: This is more for winter I don't carry these all the time, but a great pair of scrunch up flats help

Commuting Essentials


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