Snow day!! Not really, I live in Toronto now

I always find whenever classes are cancelled my day goes one of two ways.

I will do everything on the crafts and home decor DIY sections of my Pinterest page.
I will bake something just for the heck of it.
I get all of my homework done.
Cook a kick-ass dinner and feel like Rachel Ray.

What this old thing? I just made the Barefoot Contessa's Shrimp Scampi and homemade molten brownies from scratch just cause. #NBD.

 2. Waste your life away in bed.
Sleep in till whenever o'clock.
Maybe eat cereal around 2 pm.
Watch videos of otters being adorable. (click the link, honestly, adorable.)
Don't even think about showering.
Watch 1000 episodes of TV I've already seen like Supernatural or Mad Men.

(new low point, all bowls are in dishwasher, use a small mixing bowl to eat cheerios.)

It's only 11:27 AM. My day could still go either way.


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