So long '13

I remember discovering the word epiphany in grade 6. It was in a book I was reading (I want to say Sarah Plain and Tall?) and after looking up the definition I thought the word sounded as wise as the act itself.  Epiphany: a moment of sudden revelation or insight. I think 2013 for me was a year of epiphanies. I thought I'd share a few:

Toronto is an odd, but amazing place.

I always thought Toronto would be a huge change but really life in some ways feel the same. But with more lights, more stores, more opportunities, more amazing food.  
mmm funnel cake. 

Apartment Life is Challenging

I always thought all my problems would be solved when Peter and I had our own place again, sometimes I'm a real idiot. I love our space, I love living together just the two of us but between hot water radiators leaking and warping the hardwood floors and the first two months with our screaming sex neighbours, finding places for all our crap... apartments still mean a heck of a lot of work.  

Still not okay with using the apartment building washing machines to wash my bra collection.  I call this hand washing technique the brabble bath.

I'm really a 65 year old woman at heart.

I wish I could always be asleep by 10, take bubble baths every day, cuddle on the couch rather than go out. I pretty much feel that way all the time unless I've bought new clothes. Someone get me some velcro rollers.
The one night I've gotten dolled like September

Life is fragile

This Christmas my family definitely had an epiphany. While getting ready to open presents we got a phone call saying my Dad's best friend lost his battle with stomach cancer. He was more family than a friend, as soon as he retired he was at our house every day.

I was naive to the deep ache of true loss until this Christmas. 

To hug a friend I used to have tea parties with while our dads built a shed in the backyard and realize only one of us only still had father. To put into words that this man was like a half-father, always supporting myself and my mum whenever my own dad was in the hospital was a revelation on its own. 

but it gives and takes.

The same day as my family suffered a great loss, a dear friend of mine gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She's my first friend to get pregnant and I was so grateful to witness all the changes and for her to share her experiences with me. And even through my tears to see a photo of my friend's new baby couldn't help but make me smile. 



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